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Taken as Payment  by  Lacey King

Taken as Payment by Lacey King
| Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, RTF | 17 pages | ISBN: | 6.74 Mb

This book is classified as EROTICA, please do not read the review if you are not comfortable with that genre.This book is a bondage, master to slave relationship book.Alice has a Master, and she cares for her Master, but today she has been kidnapped. As her kidnapper has her blindfolded and bound in his basement he tells her that her Master owes money and has refused to pay, so she is being held to extract payment.Alice is also told while different things are being done to her that there is a camera connected to a computer and images will be sent to her Master.

She is sure he will come and rescue her.The story follows what happens to Alice at the hands of the kidnapper, what her Master does and th reveal of who the kidnapper is in reality.This is erotica, so the acts being describe are pretty detailed. The main them is bondage and this submissive relationship. Alice seems to have genuine feelings for her master, and the kidnapper seems to have some feelings for Alice, so there is a little emotional play going on in the background of the main sexual story.

I liked that part the best, the emotional undertones, not being one that tends to read the really graphic erotica. This was graphic, and there is some hardcore stuff going on, but it is a good book altogether.

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