AD 2188 - The World Under the Grand Caliphate D. Leitsack


Published: December 7th 2011

Kindle Edition

355 pages


AD 2188 - The World Under the Grand Caliphate  by  D. Leitsack

AD 2188 - The World Under the Grand Caliphate by D. Leitsack
December 7th 2011 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, ZIP | 355 pages | ISBN: | 4.21 Mb

Al Kansii is chosen by Sheikh Assam of Ameristan to target the Han Empire’s ruling People’s Council. By 2188 the Empire is the only remaining independent power of any import as most of the world has become part of the Grand Caliphate. The Council has however Yu Lin, a scientific genius with unbound political aspirations. Can Yu Lin, aided by the beautiful and enigmatic Li Li, defeat the ‘Angel of Death’, a sci-fi weapon based on quantum tunneling, quantum entanglement, and neutrino beams?

Contemporary religious and political issues, part of a long awaited debate, are intertwined with these mysterious concepts of quantum physics in this captivating story – a tale of ‘A Thousand and One Nights’ set in 2188.Using word plays in several languages and told at times with humor, the story unfolds as Al Kansii travels across continents – Paris, Washington, Kandahar, the Taklimakan and Gobi deserts, Mongolia and Manchuria, and other exotic places – while reflecting on the meanings of his mission, and the meaning of Time.

Will he succeed? Will he survive? Will he tell us? Quantum theory is extrapolated to penetrate into the human mind and reach the depths of consciousness and consider the survival of thought after death and its transmission outside the brain. And while Al Kansii pursues his mission, will the Antarctica-based force reminiscent of the early Knights Templar, unsettle the Caliphate?This ambitious intellectual novel presents an aggressive but nonetheless essential thesis that recurs throughout the book, the conquest of peoples and the end of civilizations.

The result is a sensation of disquietude in the reader’s mind, at times even resignation and ultimately sweet melancholy – the last part of the book is strongly emotional and refers to an altruistic and conciliatory vision that lets us hope for a better world.Politics. Religion. Sci-fi. Metaphysics. Philosophy.A provocative and truly exceptional novel.

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